Welcome to M Line Telecommunications

M-Line Telecoms Ltd is a telecoms wholesale aggregator, dealing only with high quality carriers. This site contains practical information for existing customers, as well as those interested in technical aspects of alternative telecoms.

We may not offer the lowest rates in every case, and if you are looking for a quality service you will not be expecting that. Unlike gas and electricity, a telephone minute is not a commodity that can be compared only on price.

But we are the lowest-cost way into a comprehensive business-quality service. That means best value for business customers. A schedule of rates is agreed specifically following discussion with each customer. For this reason no rates are listed on this site.

We aim to take all your call traffic. We take considerable care to ensure it is routed automatically to us. We can also take your line rental, thus giving you a single bill for all your land-line call traffic.

Our pricing aims at simplicity and transparency. Our billing is completely auditable, with options for flexibility. No tricks. No trendy bundling, no confusion marketing.





There's No "catch"
No sign-up fees
No monthly subscription
No minimum contract period
No cancellation fees
No sacrifice in quality

Broadband Telephony is now an acceptable business product which we consider is suitable in certain instances. If you think it might suit your needs, please call us. Currently it could enable you to make large savings on telephone switching equipment. Call savings will also be made as on-net traffic builds up.

We can port your existing 0800, 0845 or 0870 number or supply new numbers. Talk to us also about telephone hardware and the installation of new telephone lines.

We can also offer switching services, like international diverts, on our own switch.

A complete land line telephony service! T