Calling from mobiles

Reducing Your Mobile Costs

The calls that really affect your mobile bills are those to other mobile networks and to international destinations. We list below three devices that each have the effect of converting your mobile call to one originating from a land line. This allows us to take those calls off your mobile bill, and put them through our networks. The savings can be enormous !

Thus a call to France, made from your mobile, is billed to you by us as a land line call, at our rates. Similarly if you use your Vodafone mobile to call an Orange number, what you see on your bill from us is simply a land line call to the Orange number.

Most people have bundled minutes deals with their mobile company. In most cases these cover simply calls to UK land line numbers. Thus the inward leg of the call from your mobile to our specified land line number is 'free' (in some interpretations !).

1. You can ring a London number on our switch and be diverted seamlessly to the specified international destination. This is a fixed link, that you pre-configure with us. All you then do is enter the London number we give you in the phone-book on your mobile phone. That acts as a proxy for your international destination.

2. Dial 020 7019 3726, wait for the pre-recorded message to finish before you dial your international number, and then dial on. You will need to register your mobile number with us first, and you need to be in the UK when you make the call. You can enter that number in your phone-book on the mobile, and/or you can prefix it to other phone-book entries. This can be a bit of a fiddle to set up, but is then easy in operation. If you wish to enter the above number as prefix to another number on your address in your phone-book, you will need to insert a 'pause' between the numbers, and this can be done as set out below.

3. For mobile users calling international numbers from the UK, access can be accomplished using software downloaded to your mobile. Once set up, every call to international destinations will be automatically routed via us and you don't need to amend your phone-book. You will need to register your mobile number with us by e-mail, and inform us of the make and model. The handset must be capable of accessing the internet by itself in order to download the software. Many modern phones can do this. You will receive an e-mail with the installation and testing instructions, and a text message with a link that will enable you to download the software to your handset.

Details For Setting Up Option 2 above

If you call the same number often, you can make the process quicker by storing the full number in your mobile's phone-book. Select the phone-book on your mobile, and choose to add a new entry.

Type the UK access number 02070193726, followed by a "pause", followed by the international or cross network number you wish to call.

The way to enter a "pause" depends on the type of your phone:
: press * three times (a 'p' will appear)
Sony Ericsson
: press * and hold for 2 seconds (a 'p' will appear)
: press 0 and hold until + appears, or on some models press and hold * as above for Sony Ericsson
: go to phone book, add 02070193726 then go to menu, and select 'add pause', then add international number.

In the example below the last # character is optional: it simply tells the switch to wait for no more digits, and it thus speeds up the dialing process


To call the French number 00 33 1 0000 0000, add the following number to your phone book:

02070193726p0033100000000# (instead of the "p" a "+" will appear on some phones - see above). To call numbers that are already in the phone book, we recommend that you make an additional entry and do not edit the original entry as any entry with the 02070193726 number prefix will only work while you are in the UK and cannot be used for sending texts. Also you can put the access number 02070193726 into your speed dial on its own and then dial any other international number when connected. When dialing this way do not press 'send' after dialing the international number.