How it works

Caller Line Identity (CLI)

When you make a call, the identity of your calling line is transmitted along with the instructed destination of the call. This happens even if you opt to conceal your identity from the ultimate recipient of the call. It is that identity, your CLI, that enables us to attach that call to your account when the time comes to bill it. The development of the modern alternative telecoms industry dates from the introduction of this technical development.

Your involvement with us can take the form of "calls only", or "calls and line".

See the section entitled Automatic Call Routing for the former; we will capture all your call traffic automatically, leaving the line rental with BT. This service works only on BT lines, and you keep your BT number (or CLI !).

See the section entitled Line Rental for the full transfer option. Unlike "calls only", this can apply to NTL lines as well as BT lines. It is only recently this has become possible, and is proving very popular with existing and new customers. In line with the "full service" we can now provide, we can also install new lines for you.

We then bill the calls monthly to you, on fully itemised statements. Your calls are also available for your download monthly from this site. In the case of line rental you receive full details each month of what you are paying for.

Telesales Calls

Your number can be blocked from receiving telesales calls originating within the UK as demonstrated on It can be registered on the Telephone Preference Service.

At the other end, we provide a TPS service for telesales companies whose calls are automatically screened at the switches of our carriers for registrants under the TPS schemes. They are thus prevented from breaking the law by calling numbers that are registered under the TPS scheme.

For telesales calls from law-breakers, or sales calls that originate outside the UK, the Choose to Refuse service allows you to block any originating number immediately after receiving the call. Alternatively you can block any call that does not declare its origination.(which might of course include friendly calls).  This is the Anonymous Caller Reject service. If we provide your total line service we can arrange these services for you, otherwise you should contact BT.