Line Rental

Line Rental

We can also take your line rental. Transferring your line to us is purely an accounting matter, as we take over the billing at retail level. Openreach continues to provide and maintain the line on our account, though we are fully commercially responsible to you for it. We do not, in any way, act as agent for any part of BT in this matter.

The great advantage is that you can now have one bill for all your land-line telephony, and a full itemisation of service charge elements. Other advantages include payments monthly in advance, rather than quarterly, and a single point for faults. We can also give you a useful saving on line rental charges for business lines, but if cost saving is your main focus you are probably missing the point ! This is not really about savings. It's about administrative convenience and full disclosure, and is proving very popular with our customers for those reasons alone.

If your line is a new one, installed within the last 12 months, the incumbent supplier may charge a penalty if you transfer to us. Most customers allow the 12 month period to expire before transferring the line to us. Line rental transfer is not yet available for Featureline accounts.

Line Rental Services

When your lines are transferred to us, this is invariably done on a like-for-like basis. That means all the services you have in place before the transfer to us, come across essentially unaltered.

We have, however, experienced cases where some services have required re-initialisation, and for remote services, the PIN is often in the process of transfer reset to 5555 default. To assist in such post-transfer adjustments, we have prepared a list of common services, and the instructions for their use:

Call Diversion

Call Diversion enables the customer to divert incoming calls to another number - anywhere in the UK, most overseas destinations or a mobile phone. The choices are:

divert all calls, press * 21 * DivertNumber #
divert on no reply, press * 61 * DivertNumber #
or divert when line is busy, press * 67 * DivertNumber #

A message is given to the caller when diverting on no reply, in case the divert to number returns an engaged tone. Up to 8 calls can be diverted simultaneously.

To remove a divert, press # 21 #, or # 61 #, or # 67 # as appropriate
To check a divert, press * # 21 #, or * # 61 # or * # 67 # as appropriate.

For multi-line installations (that is several analogue lines on the same number), the call divert can only be set on Line 1. You may need to test several lines before you locate Line 1.

Any divert in operation at the time the line is transferred to us, will be wiped and will have to be reset.

Smart Divert

As above, but with remote access. Transfer of this service over to us is usually done without resetting your PIN, but in some cases it can be reset to default 5555 of 1234. Your local access number should not change.

To instruct a divert from a remote location,

Dial your local access number
Dial * XX * PIN * YourTelephoneNumber * DivertedTelephoneNumber #

where XX is 44 for unconditional divert, 64 for divert on no response (15 seconds), or 65 for divert on busy.

To cancel a divert from a remote location,

Dial your local access number
Dial # XX * PIN * YourTelephoneNumber #

where XX is the particular divert service listed above that you wish to cancel.

Any divert in operation at the time the line is transferred to us, will be wiped and will have to be reset.

Call Minder (or Answer 1571)

BT's network-based messaging service. Customers can customise the service including the recording of their own greeting message.

From your phone: Dial 1 5 7 1, Call Minder will tell you how many messages you have. Press 1 to listen to your messages

Press 2 to personalise your message, change the PIN pin or set the number of rings before answer.

When collecting your messages from a different location, dial your own phone number, on hearing Call Minder, press * * , and then enter your PIN when prompted.

Upon transfer of the line to us the Call Minder facility may be reset and the PIN wiped, preventing remote access. You will need to dial 1 5 7 1 at your location, press 2 and set up a new PIN. Only after doing that will you be able to access your messages from a different location.

Call Waiting

A gentle beep tells the customer another call is incoming.

To Switch on, Dial * 43 #

Taking a call and switching between calls, press RECALL (phone must have a recall button). When you have finished your call just hang up.

To switch off, Dial # 43 #

Reminder Call

The customer can set the phone for a single alarm call or for a regular reminder call using the 24 hr clock.

To set a call, Dial * 55 * TimeIn24HrClockFormat # (must use 24 hour clock).
To cancel, Dial # 55 #

Choose To Refuse

A service that enables a customer to bar the telephone number of the most recently answered incoming call.

At the end of a call the customer now wishes to receive no further calls from this originating number, press the access code 14258, followed by the default PIN code 1234 to activate the barring of further calls from that originating number The PIN can be changed by dialling 14258 and selecting Option 3.

Up to 10 telephone numbers can be stored within a personal data store, the 11th entry will cause the oldest number saved to be dropped. If the end user has forgotten the PIN the Service Provider must apply for a PIN reset.