BT Business Plan

The BT Business Plan is confusion marketing on stilts ! It relies upon the customer being unaware of the importance of short calls in the overall mix. It offers enticing call charge caps that in practice are of limited value, while recouping the costs of this apparent generosity at the short end of the call, by connection charges. Once you embark on the BT Business Plan, you will never again understand what rates you are paying for anything, until you finally shake off the commitment it imposes upon you.

The evidence is that the Business Plan has been very successful for BT, both in that it enables them to keep business which on any honest analysis they should lose, and also in that it can waste large amounts of their competitor's time. We are preparing some detailed analysis to highlight the misleading nature of the BT Business Plan schedules.

Watch this space !

In the meantime, don't be seduced by it. Give us a call !

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