BT are now offering a free service that protects you from unwanted sales calls or canvassing calls, on condition that you remain with (or revert to) BT for calls and line rental, at their rates ! In fact the components of this service are quite freely available without such constraints.

Call the Telephone Preference Service on 0845 070 0707 and register your line. That will protect you from the attentions of law-abiding UK-based telesales organisations. Ask us to arrange free Caller Display on your line. This may reveal the caller details before you answer the call. These are the two components parts of the BT offer.

To bar callers who do not respect the Telephone Preference Service strictures, we can arrange the Choose to Refuse service (£2.67 per month) on your line. This enables you to zap the origin of specific calls after hanging up, so it does not happen again. More drastically, and to guard against callers who do not disclose their origin, we can arrange the Anonymous Caller Reject service at £1.50 per month. See Line Rental for a description of these services and how to operate them .